Working alongside Smarterbusiness, Cheshire Wellness has attained savings of around £6000 per year by using key materials, water and energy more efficiently.

In support of reducing environmental impact, energy efficient LED systems have been installed into the factory and methods of recycling water during tests have been implemented. Material costs have also been reduced through use of a barcode scanning system; ensuring orders are only placed in response to demand. In addition, recycling of well conditioned spare pumps and fittings has been put into practise. A noted reduction in waste and disposal has also been achieved by recycling waste products – such as pallets and non-hazardous chemical drums – rather than sending them to landfill.

A further £1500 of annual cost savings is in the pipeline, alongside nearly seven tonnes of C02 reductions! We are consistently pushing ourselves towards maximum utilisation of our key resources; benefitting not only our company values and operations, but also our overall consumer service and environmental effects.

Recently, our efforts to reducing operational costs were published by Smarterbusiness and for more information click on this link