Top 6 design styles for Jacuzzi spas and Hot tubs

2.1 Round

The 2.1 Round spa is one of our most popular spa/hot tubs. Its measurements are 2.1 x 1.06m so it is a fairly large size Jacuzzi spa. It provides all of the features and benefits you would expect from a quality manufactured tiled spa. It has 10 jets providing all the hydrotherapy power you need to relax and unwind with friends and family.

Yin and Yang Spa

The measurements of this spa Jacuzzi are 1.54 x 0.93m. This makes it one of the smallest on the list but it is by far not one of the worst. This spa is built for 2 people and its funky design allows you to lie down and next to your friends or relatives and relax while the jets massage your back and feet. With its Chinese yin and yang style, it is also one of a unique Jacuzzi’s we have.

2.9 Bequia

The 2.9 Bequia is the largest domestic spa size we have measuring in at a huge 3.0 x 2.0 x 1.05m. This deluxe spa offers the very best in relaxation with room for 6 people, this exciting oval shape provides any home with a beautiful tiled spa complete with 18 jets, yes 18 jets, to give the much-needed sensation of relaxation with the added WOW factor.

2.4 Martinique

The measurements of this spa are 2.42 x 0.94m making it a fairly large spa compared to other spas. Our 2.4 Martinique offers the same quality of design, shape and comfort as its slightly smaller 2.1, but provides that added extra space allowing you to stretch out even more or possibly try and squeeze in a few more people. How many people can you get inside?

2.27 Square

The measurements are 2.27 x 2.27m. Our 2.27 Square spa provides homes throughout the UK with a quality tiled spa which seats 6 people. Providing ample space for all the family to ‘jump in’ and enjoy the sensations that only a spa can provide, you know its size always allows plenty of extra leg room. This Spa can be placed indoor or outdoor and has 10 jets around the Jacuzzi.

1.9 St Lucia

This is the smallest Jacuzzi we have at 1.9 x 1.00m, but its size doesn’t take away any of its punch. With 5 positions, it’s easy to see how it would easily accommodate a family of 4 providing all the relaxation anybody could want from a spa, no matter how big it is.