At Cheshire Wellness we are highly regarded for our creativity, dedication and innovative ideas for domestic spas. It is through these skills and values we are able to provide every private client with their own unique and grand spa. We have created tiled spas for clients all over the world including the UK, Europe, Asia and South America, and as such has seen us win multiple awards for creativity, excellence and quality.

We combine luxury with style, functionality with quality and aesthetic brilliance with an exquisiteness, together will give you the energizing relaxation and tranquility you need to unwind after a long hard day. Whether your tiled spa is outdoors or part of an extension we ensure that it is built with the highest level of care, meeting all your requirements and exceeding all your expectations.

With 50 years in pool design and creation, we have the ability to produce a residential spa that offers you a comforting oasis which completely meets your personal requirements and wishes

St Lucia Domestic Spa from Cheshire Wellness

1.9 St Lucia

Round domestic spas from Cheshire Wellness

2.1 Round

Square domestic spas at Cheshire Wellness

2.27 Square

Antigua domestic spa range from Cheshire Wellness

2.3 Antigua


Martinique domestic spas from Cheshire Wellness

2.4 Martinique

Private tiled spa design and installation from Cheshire Wellness

2.9 bequia


Yin & Yang Spa