Experience Rooms

We have an extensive amount of experience in designing, creating and installing experience rooms for our clients, whether they are in a commercial venue or a residential property. Our experience rooms provide complete relaxation and comfort in a luxury surrounding so you or your guest can chill and unwind in the perfect setting. Our Experience Rooms are a highly attractive feature for your business or home, with a wide range of choice including saunas, steam rooms, ice fountains & experience showers and Hammam & Rasul rooms.

With over 50 years in the pool and spa industry we are more then capable of achieving any experience room you have in mind to your exact requirements. We really want to fully understand your specific requirements and what it is you want from your experience room, whether it’s a place of tranquility or a thrilling place of excitement. All of our experience rooms can completely transform a home or business into a blissful and harmonious haven.

Please browse through some of our experience room projects on the left in order to get a feel for some of our previous projects. It will give you an indication of what we are capable of achieving as well as the flexibility of design methods and ideas we input into each bespoke,  individual experience room.

Our past clients will tell you that once you are satisfied with the design that we have worked on together, Cheshire Wellness will manufacture and install your experience room on site as quickly as possible, which is usually within one day. Once complete your experience room is there to enjoy for many years to come.