Obtain magnificent Fibreglass spas from Cheshire Wellness Limited

If you’re considering installing a pool in your residence, yacht, hotel or school, you require an expert who is qualified in pool installation, one who will design your pool to suit your preferences. For Fibreglass spas, you require a designer who has the know-how.

Cheshire Wellness is a family run business and has had over 200 years of experience in the industry of construction, design and manufacture of swimming pools, experience rooms, tiled spas and medical wellness. We handcraft all our products, and this enables us to accommodate our client’s requests and preferences. We are the largest European Fibreglass spas shell and pool manufacturer and in addition, we are the first United Kingdom manufacture of pools and spas to ISO 9001accrediated. Our experience has seen us design projects for world’s renowned hotels, yachts, domestic residences, schools and leisure centre. We credit our success to our communication with highly qualified developers, interior designers, and architects.

Our staff have experience in swimming pool installation and will professionally design your swimming pool and Fibreglass spas.  You can contact us through our official telephone number +44 (0)151 336 3417 and we are more than willing to assist you by all means possible. In addition to designing and manufacturing swimming pools and Fibreglass spas, we also build hydro spas, special needs pools, aquatic treadmills, hyperbaric oxygen, and cryotherapy equipment among other. Whatever you have in mind we have your back.

About our professionally designed Fibreglass spas

All our manufacturing is done in-house, through all the phases from initial design in our CAD design studio to complete shell manufacturing. We use all types of heat experience rooms ranging from saunas to snow rooms. Hiring us you can be sure to obtain award winning services. We also offer standard S.P.A.T.A (Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association) warranties. At Cheshire Wellness we have a wide range of projects varying from commercial to residential, from being involved in multimillion projects to supplying Fibreglass dream spas. Through our wellness department, we are able to be involved in projects such as Fibreglass spas, steam rooms and hydro pass among others.

Fibreglass Spas

Fibreglass Spas – Full pool

Cheshire Wellness Company also specializes in other fields such as Pedicure Units, Mud Treatment Rasuls, Dry Floats, Tepidariums, Laconiums, Hamam Tables and much more. In order to bring out that energizing relaxation you need we offer highly creative and innovative ideas for your domestic Fibreglass spas. We syndicate luxury with style, aesthetic brilliance with exquisiteness and functionality with quality to deliver the best outcome.

Regardless of where you want your Fibreglass spas to be located, indoor or outdoor, we will make sure that it is built with the highest level of care and will meet your requirement and preferences. Having been in business for over 50 years now, Cheshire Wellness Company will design the size, depth, plant room, filtration systems, heating and lighting of your swimming pool.

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