Relax, Unwind and Stay Active with Cheshire Wellness! Our home swimming pools can transform both your life and home!

Are you looking for a beautifully-designed home swimming pool? A luxury home swimming pools from Cheshire wellness can be installed at your residence to transform the way you live, stay active and relax! Unwind after a long day at work an keep fit in fun new way. we are a company you can trust in, guaranteed to deliver a premium swimming pool at an unbelievable price.

Who can design manufacture and install my swimming pool ?

Cheshire Wellness is a pristine business that specializes in the design and manufacture of home swimming pools and tiled spas. We also construct experience rooms as well as medical wellness products. We hand-craft all our products, allowing us to easily accommodate the requests of each client. Our excellent customer reviews and testimonials are testament to the high degree of quality we maintain. We’ve worked on numerous projects around the world, installing swimming pools, spas and experience rooms in renowned hotels, vast yachts, schools and domestic residences.

Home Swimming Pool Installation Services


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If you desire to install one of our magnificent home swimming pools, simply give us a call through +44 (0) 151 336 3417. You’ll be delighted by the incredible services we offer. We have a dedicated in-house team with an unmatched total industry experience of more than 200 years. Therefore, you’re guaranteed of hiring one of the best and most experienced home swimming pool manufacturers in the world. Our abundant staff resources include three diligent CAD experts who are trained to design tiled spas and swimming pools for our numerous clients. For each home swimming pool installation project, we assign an overall manager to coordinate and oversee all construction activities to the end.


Our Goals

Our main aim is to create enabling environments that promote good health and wellbeing. This has prompted us to launch a special division within our company which focuses on providing a wide range of products in cryotherapy, hydrotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Numerous clients have posted pictures of the home swimming pools we helped design and install for them. Trust us to offer unrivalled services that’ll leave you delighted. Contact us today for consultation. Our dedicated team will be at your every beck and call.

We’ve helped to transform hundreds of households and venues around the globe using our impressive commercial pools. We not only install these pools in Europe but also in the USA, South America, the Middle East and other countries around the world. The luxurious atmosphere created by our well crafted home swimming pools is simply mind-blowing. Talk to us today and we’ll help transform your cosy home into a tranquil haven where your guests can relax and unwind. We’re always happy to listen to your design ideas. In addition, we work closely with our clients to design a totally outstanding swimming pool. Visit our website for more information about our home swimming pools:

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