The benefits of having an indoor swimming pool


Having a swimming pool at your disposal can come with plenty of benefits – regular exercise, social interaction and fun games to name just a few. There is an ongoing debate, however, as to whether an outdoor or an indoor swimming pool is more beneficial. Indoor swimming pools have masses of benefits.



indoor swimming pool - door



1. Ease of access

Indoor swimming pools are obviously a lot easier to access than outdoor swimming pools, especially in residential areas, due to the proximity to your living space. The fact that, with an indoor swimming pool, homeowners can simply roll out of bed and go straight for a swim is extremely appealing – and eradicates the need to constantly transport towels and other swimming supplies in and out of the property.


2. Swimming is not weather permitting

With an outdoor pool, especially in a rainy country like the UK, swimming can often be a very hit and miss activity, and it can be disappointing when you have to plan your swimming around the weather. With an indoor swimming pool, these problems disappear. The pool is under cover, so you can get the most of your pool, and can swim whenever you like – even if there’s a downpour outside. Also, with outdoor pools, the owner often will only get to use it for half of the year, during the spring and summer months when it is warm enough to be outside. Using your swimming pool in this way means that you are not getting the most out of your investment – an indoor swimming pool can be used all year round.




3. You control the temperature

Indoor swimming pools are usually equipped with heating systems which allow you to control the temperature of the water to suit your needs. Most outdoor pools are not heated and can, therefore, leave you shivering – with an indoor pool, you can personalise the temperature so that it’s just right for you.




4. No need for weather proofing

With outdoor pools, owners must winterize their pools to prevent any damage caused by cold wintry weather. Indoor swimming pools are constantly under cover and so this ceases to be an issue, which can save owners quite a bit of money. The maintenance required to keep an indoor swimming pool at it’s best is less as well, due to the fact that the water is not exposed to the dust and debris blown around by the wind outside. This means that you don’t have to clean your pool as frequently – which in turn means more time spent in the water and less time worrying about those pesky leaves!