Swimming pool design: Which should you choose?



If the purpose of your swimming pool is for swimming laps, or for a spa facility, then the most suitable swimming pool design for you would be a traditional, rectangular design. It provides a good length for leisurely exercise, and a tranquil setting for some recuperation for any clients following a spa treatment. If designed with a flat base, so that the depth is equal along the length of the pool, then this is also the perfect choice for family homes, as it gives enough space for the whole family to get involved, while being safe for young children to swim in.


A roman design consists of a rectangular pool, with two semi-circles on either side containing steps for entry. It also provides a small semi-circular, shallow pool separate from the main design, perfect for sitting in and relaxing. This swimming pool design is for those with a spacious garden or room for installation, and an eye for aesthetics.

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For those with a larger space, but no desire for swimming laps, a circular pool may be the best swimming pool design for you. It provides a relaxing, cooling space for escape, and is most suitable for those that want to use their swimming pool as a place for meeting or bonding with a group. Also, a circular swimming pool design can be easily covered with a dome-like structure, protecting against all sorts of weather and ensuring that you get use of your pool all year round.

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This swimming pool design is best suited to those with limited space – whether you are an individual with a smaller garden, or a smaller spa business just starting out, an oval shaped pool makes the most of the space you have to offer due to it’s adaptable shape. It can be put to a variety of uses – leisure, family time, or relaxation, depending on the depth and length that you choose.


If you prefer a swimming pool design that does not disrupt the natural landscape of your space, but instead works in harmony with it, then choosing a natural pool is the best option for you. It consists of natural materials like stone, and usually includes features such as waterfalls and rock features. Combined with stunning light features such as underwater lighting or spotlights between rocks, these pools can be some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing – however, can sometimes prove to be very expensive. If you have a larger budget, these pools provide a calming, tranquil space that give the feel of swimming in natural, open waters.



Infinity pools have recently gained popularity, and it’s easy to see why – it’s difficult to find a brochure these days without one on the cover. Not only are they visually impressive, they seem to give an air of complete relaxation. They are, however, the most expensive swimming pool design in this list, so require a more extensive budget for their custom design.


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