Top 5 swimming pool games to try

For many people, swimming pools are used only to swim laps – but that isn’t the only thing that they can be used for. There are so many fun swimming pool games to try and get involved in, which are entertaining, a good way to keep fit and they erase the usual boredom and mundane act of swimming up and down the pool. Here’s our top 5 games to have a go at!


Marco polo

Marco polo is another popular swimming pool games, but be warned, it usually comes with a lot of cheaters! The general rules of the game are that one person is chosen to be it, and must close their eyes while trying to locate the other players. The players must shout ‘marco’ and ‘polo’ in response to give the person trying to find them a clue as to where they are.


swimming pool games

Shark attack

These swimming pool games are a great one to play with the little ones, as it’s fairly simple to follow and doesn’t involve diving beneath the water – so it’s also great for weak swimmers to play in shallow water. The aim of the game is to ‘stay alive’ – it can involve as many people as you like. Pick two people to be sharks, and allow the rest of the players to be swimmers. The swimmers get into the pool at one end, and try to swim to the other end without being tagged by the sharks. If they are tagged, then they are out of the game until the next round. The last swimmer left is the winner of the game.

Diving for items

Another easy to follow game is throwing, diving and retrieving. These swimming pool games are better suited to the stronger swimmers, as it involves diving beneath the surface of the pool. You can use anything as the object – rocks, sticks or toys. The aim of the game is simple – get someone to throw the object somewhere underneath the water, and then dive down to look for it. Especially with a larger swimming pool, this game can be really fun to play.

Water polo

This is not for the faint hearted – it involves a lot of physical exercise and is often really difficult to play unless you’ve had proper training. Once you’ve mastered it, though, it can be really fun to play. It’s a little like football – there are goals either side of the pool, and 7 players on each team, and the aim is to get the ball into the other team’s goal. The craziest aspect is that the proper versions of these swimming pool games are played in really deep pools, and players have to keep themselves up. That’s why there’s so many substitutes made!


Whale is often criticised as a dangerous game – so, if you try it, be very careful not to slip on any wet surfaces. It involves jumping over a swimmer in the pool – this swimming pool game is that simple. It is the making of some seriously impressive viral videos, where jumpers will get past 5 or 6 swimmers.



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