Hydro Spas

As you can see from our Hydro Spas they are the most modern, stylish and lavish in the industry and provide a wide range of benefits, functions and features including the most advanced spa technology to arrive on the market to date. Using the unique patented jetpack technology system we are in a position to offer our clients a fully upgradable commercial Hydro Spa.

The unique removable jetpacks enable the capability to upgrade the Hydro Spa as jet technology evolves, which gives you peace of mind knowing your hydro spa investment is protected with the ability to be at the cutting edge of spa technology. With this unique option you can always keep up to date with the current and latest jetpack systems.

The Hydro Spa installations examples shown opposite have been individually manufactured to the clients specific choice of colour and design, using a wide range of mosaic tiles to meet their exacting, personal requirements. This is just a small example of what we are able to achieve for our clients, what ever ideas you have in mind we can bring to life.

Not only do Hydro Spas look spectacular, super stylish and lavish they are also a fantastic way to help you to relax, the pressure from the jetpacks creates a massage for your muscles and body to help you unwind after a hard work out or a long day.