Cheshire Wellness Portfolio

Cheshire Wellness is the UK’s leading pool and spa shell manufacturer. We design, manufacture, operate and install a spectrum of multi-award-winning pools and spas for our national and international clients. We are now building on a legacy of 50 years’ worth of experience in the industry, designing, manufacturing, and installing pools, tiled spas, experience rooms, swim spas, hydro spas, special needs pools and more.

Our projects vary dramatically from indoor to outdoor, and commercial to residential—each accommodating a price point that fits our clients’ individual budgets. We have supplied dream pools and tiled spas within private residences, along with multi-million-pound projects for luxury 5-star hotels, health clubs, and elite sports training grounds.

What each undertaking has in common is a commitment to quality and the singular customizations to befit each particular property. Take a look at a selection of our work. We look forward to discussing your own upcoming projects.


Brighton & Hove Football Club Wellness Facilities


Old War Office

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