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Cheshire Spas & Pools is dedicated to achieve sustained profitable growth by providing products and services, which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers through internally established standards and measurements.

To achieve this, Cheshire Spas & Pools has adopted Quality Management System (QMS) and aims to improve our system by establishing and reviewing measurable targets and its progress periodically.

Cheshire Spas & Pools are committed to continuously improving and evaluating our quality system by:

  • Researching to improve our product quality
  • Conducting internal audits, management reviews
  • Reviewing our performance, quality policy and quality objectives
  • Acting on our customers’ feedback where ever possible
  • Involving relevant employees in continual improvement process
  • Delivering product on-time and in full 95% of the time
  • Minimise re-works and defects to 15% or less
  • Staff training wherever applicable
  • Safe working environment and minimising accidents to below industry standards

At Cheshire Wellness we have ultimate responsibility for quality. Managers are responsible for ensuring that systems are in place, adhered to by their team and communicated throughout the organisation. Our staff have responsibility to carry out their duties in a manner that recognises their obligations to achieve company quality policy. Our quality system will be reviewed from time to time, as it is essential for establishing our brand firmly in the industry.